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Diamonds by Clarity

Diamond clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the stone. Diamond inclusions are internal flaws. We reject any diamond with noticeable imperfections to the unaided eye.
VS(1-2) - Very Slight Inclusions
Inclusions are small and can start being slightly visible at 10x.
VVS(1-2) - Very Very Slight Inclusions
Inclusions are very small. They are hard to notice under 10x.
IF - Internally Flawless
They constitute less than 3% of total diamonds and they have very slight imperfections. Inclusions are so small, that they are incredibly hard to be noticed under 10x.
FL - Flawless
They are the rarest in terms of purity. There are no visual imperfections and they consitute less than 1% of all diamonds. Inclusions are not visible under 10x magnification.